A Blog by Alan Gee   June 2020


There are two problems facing your child when s/he leaves school to look for employment. The first is that automation is increasingly eliminating jobs which children with lower academic attainment standards used to go to.

The second is that employers these days are increasingly using literacy and numeracy tests to screen out unsuitable applicants even for the lower skilled roles.

For today’s children, the future is looking increasingly bleak for the type of jobs which were once found for non-academic children.

Increasingly, the type of manual jobs, which were once the staple for those children are disappearing through automation and increased robotics. Jobs on the railways, docks, land, factories, retail etc to name just a few.

So, too, are the jobs which the middle layer of society once called its own – bank tellers, shorthand typists, accounts clerks, all are under threat.

The threat to this form of employment is indicated in this collection of pictures of industries that have already become automated.


No jobs here!

Or here !

Or here!

No more jobs in car factories!

Even crop pickers not wanted!

No a single person on this line!

Only one person here!

And to get this job he had to be able to read.

And there are more and more industries turning to automation every day. With no strikes, holiday pay, sick leave, 8-hour shifts, these machines work 24/7. Their cost is quickly recovered and the profits are increased.

Yes, there will be jobs, for those able to read and who are educated, but competition will be much greater than it is today.

The US Justice Department states:

  • “The link between academic failure and delinquency, violence, and crime is welded to reading failure.” Over 70% of inmates in America’s prisons can’t read above a fourth grade level.

National Assessment of Adult Literacy:

  • Two thirds of students who can’t read proficiently by the end of the 4th Grade will end up in jail or on welfare.

What’s the future going to be for your child?

Any of the above?

You can do something, but a quick fix thirty dollar ‘Teach your child to read in 10 easy lessons’ type of program simply won’t teach your child to read.

Schools have had your child for years, and experienced teachers have tried, but it’s likely they’re using the wrong method for your child, and s/he is still way behind all the others, with little or no chance of catching up.

There is a way to change this outcome for your child however, and Jan’s Course may be just what you’re looking for.

If you’ve read these blogs of mine then it’s obvious that the future for your kid (or kids) without a sound reading ability will be at best the low level unskilled type with long periods of unemployment.

This means staying in Mom and Dad’s house – only for a short period of course!

Remember like attracts like!

So here comes a partner with or without their own kids in tow.

Can’t afford a place to live so it’s Mom and Dad again!

So – what about your future?

You might want to move from your present house you’ve worked so hard for over the years and downsize.

Sorry – with your kids and grandkids installed downsizing is not an option !

So goodbye bucket list!!

Maybe working through Jan’s Course could be seen as future-proofing your retirement.


What you do today will affect your future as well as your kid’s future tomorrow!!

Alan Gee

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