By Jan Harmsworth   June 2020

Two Myths About Teaching Your Child To Read A Different Way

1.Finding the right reading material is almost impossible

Yes, finding well-written, graded, readily available reading material is difficult to obtain. Most texts are designed to be used in Phonics-only programs, and if your child isn’t coping well with this then they won’t suit your child.

In addition, it’s very difficult to select the readers just by the advertising – you really need to be able to look through the whole text to know if it’s suitable or not. And that’s providing you have the know-how to be able to judge the suitability of each reader.

A lot of money can be wasted buying readers that simply don’t do the job because, for example, they contain too many words to make the story ‘interesting’ – that means ‘too hard’ for your struggling child to read.

Others fail to use your child’s Known Essential Sight Words, and simply add new ones in groups, without allowing your child to learn the existing ones. Another recipe for disaster waiting to happen!

So What Do I Need?

 The ideal is to have a Program that supplies all the reading material necessary, from beginning reading to reading at your child’s chronological age.

The text will be specially written so that only the Known Essential Sight Words plus one new one is used, and words to make the reader interesting are kept to a minimum.

In addition, you need some kind of guide to help you use the texts effectively.

Only then have you got the ‘right reading material’. And where do you find that Program? At a realistic price? Easy Reading Formula ticks all the boxes and lots more too.

2.You’ll have to buy lots of material that’s expensive

 It can be expensive, (around $5-$6 minimum for each reader, and often much more), which is not good value because once your child has read the reader five or six times it probably won’t be read again.

So What Do I Need Next?

 You’ll need around 50 – 70 readers AT LEAST, if your child is going to be reading graded readers that keep moving your child forward towards your goal of him or her becoming a successful reader.

After all, practice makes perfect so you can’t skimp on the readers – they’re critical to your child’s success.

And you actually have to find a source of these readers – not easy when most readers are for Phonics-only programs.

In addition, to make sure you have a balanced literacy package, you’ll need activities to back up the work being done in the reading sessions, and the opportunity for your child to write sentences every day.

You’ll need activities to develop your child’s Spelling Memory Bank, naturally occurring phonics activities to aid your child as his/her Reading Memory Bank is built, fluency activities, comprehension skills-building activities, problem-solving skills activities etc.

Once again, it isn’t easy to find this kind of in-depth program that supplies everything you need. And trying to match various aspects of literacy together through different programs sounds very hard to me.

Quick Summary

 Having considered all these aspects of teaching your child to read a different way, you might be thinking it’s all too hard. But it’s not!

The best option is to purchase a Program with readers included.

And directions for how to use them.

And instructions about how to teach your child to write sentences and develop the other literacy skills.

In other words, a complete literacy program.

Look no further. You’ve found it!

Easy Reading Formula has all that you need and more:

How–to videos, Quizzes and summaries. 

90 exclusive, graded readers with a Teaching Page to show you exactly what to teach your child with each Reader.

There’s email support, and downloadable letter cards, word cards, reading games – I could go on and on.

Have a look on the website and make the decision.

Your child is waiting for you to finally fix his or her reading problems. Go to it!